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Mark Cassello

MARK CASSELLO is an Assistant Professor of English at Calumet College of St. Joseph in Whiting, Indiana. He is completing a Ph.D. in American Literature from Indiana University where his research focuses on Chicago history and literature connected to social and labor movements. He is a contributor to the Huffington Post and a regular guest on the nationally syndicated talk radio show Beyond the Beltway with Bruce DuMont on WLS 890 AM in Chicago. He is passionate about social justice and not afraid of the label “radical.” He regularly reports on the evolving social movements within Chicago and also provides analysis of local and national politics.

OBJECTIVE: Love Notes from the Indignant Left is your home for empathic journalism. Empathic journalism uses the genre of creative non-fiction to render the pressing issues of today palpable. This site offers thoughtful analysis of American politics and culture that abandons the worn and counterproductive divisions of left, right, independent, and fanatic that rule today’s discourse.

NAME: During a Twitter feud with the late Andrew Breitbart, he pithily tweeted,  ”@markcassello I am glad you are using my platform to spew your leftist DROOL!” Breitbart was referring to his role as co-founder of The Huffington Post , to which I am a regular contributor. Although I seldom, if ever, agreed with Breitbart’s means or his ends, I did admire his ability to fiercely engage those with whom he disagreed (albeit not always constructively). In that spirit, every entry on this site is, in a way, a love note to those who would choose to label individuals “indignant leftists” rather than engage in a constructive dialogue.


NOW ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS. Love Notes from the Indignant Left is looking for talented journalists with a passion for social justice. We want to take readers into the intimate lives and struggles of marginalized individuals and groups–the mentally ill, the homeless, the elderly, the working poor, the undocumented, et al. Use your talents to bring the stories of these individuals and their struggles for economic and social justice to life using the techniques of creative non-fiction. We are also interested in stories about the social movements working to improve the living conditions of America's most vulnerable populations.  

Here is a sample article:

Submissions should be relatively short (750-1000 words). The language should be accessible, but the intellectual underpinnings of the content should appeal to a diverse audience.  

Include 1-5 high quality photos if possible. You should own the rights to these photographs. 

All submissions will be reviewed and receive brief feedback. You will be notified via email if your piece is selected for publication. Editors reserve the right to revise copy as needed and may contact you to complete necessary revisions.

It is free to submit, and as the site grows, writers will be paid for a fee for their content. Currently, however, all work is pro-bono.

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